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My love affair with food started in my teens when I was first unleashed on my Nan’s country kitchen. No matter what other career path I subsequently followed - it always came back to food! Cooking it..Eating it..Feeding other people it! 

I became a fanatical home cook when my girls were tots and I made it to the TV rounds (final 50) on MasterChef Ireland in 2011. It was during that experience I got my "Aha Moment" and it gave me the confidence and courage to follow my heart so I forged the path ahead, realising my dreams of working in the food industry. 

In 2014, a minor health issue prompted me to look more closely at my diet and nutritional intake. I became aware of the importance of gut health and the connection it has to overall health and wellness, Needing to eat more of what was truly good for my body, I discovered the many health benefits of nut butters. After tasting my way through the well known brands I felt I could offer something a bit different in terms of taste, texture and variety so I decided to make my own. There was no reason that nutritious food couldn’t be delicious, right?!

So, I hit the kitchen and what I came up with was so good I thought, why not share this with everyone? Something this good deserves to be shared! ..and so a short while later Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious was born.

Whether you are a gym going, fitness fanatic, sports crazy, yogi, guru, boy/girl man or woman looking for a nutritious source of plant based protein, or a parent wanting to give your kids a healthy alternative to the sugar laden spreads - we’re for you – it’s all good!